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Is my existence important?
Ja jestem, ja jestem miedzy innymi- citation from Edward Stachura. this is link to http://duszenko.northern.edu/stachura/ - the best English translation seems to be: I am, I am among others... .


Piotr Kasztelowicz*, MD

Physician more than computer specialist.
Interests: Cardiology and Pulmonology; using Internet and another computing methods for information interchange in medicine. Vice-President of Polish Medical Internet Society, member of the Polish Cardiac Society and this same member of Informatics Committee at this society. Member of the Polish Society of Phtysiopneumonology. Editor-in-Chief of List of Medical Resources existing since 1994 (written in Polish)- now under reconstruction. Co-Editor of first Polish medical journal in Internet "Galen" and formerly webmaster of WWW Page Ludwik Rydygier State Hospital in Torun - this same the first medical webmaster in Torun.
Author of The "Dorota" Project - using the Internet to exchange information to save human lives and improve patients' health and another initiatives. More info go to my profile.

*In my family simultaneously exist two versions of name - Kasztelowicz, which has been taken by family root of mine (origened from Sebastian Kasztelewicz vel Kasztelowicz) and Kasztelewicz, which has been left at other roots, but this is this same family.This same the using name Kasztelewicz is acceptable to me, but in documents Kasztelowicz only. Under this link I have presented the document, which confirms using both names in my family.

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